C# Programming and ASP.Net

Course Objectives:

The aim of this course is to cover the core skills required to create programs using C# via the Console and Microsoft Visual Studio for Web Express (freeware).  The course demonstrates essential C# language features and structure, compiling and running code.  It introduces object-oriented concepts.  Using MS Visual Studio Express, they will also learn to build simple web applications using the ASP.Net framework.

After completing this course the student will have gained a moderate level of expertise in C# programming.

Prerequisites: No previous programming knowledge is required

Module 1 –      Intro to C# and ASP.Net

Module 2 –      Define and understand objects/classes

Module 3 –      Understand data types.  Work with variables

Module 4 –      Work with operators

Module 5 –      Use decision structures and loops

Module 6 –      VS – Create a simple web app using Web forms.  Use multiple web controls

Module 7 –      VS – Learn to use List Controls and Data Binding

Module 8 –      VS – Validation

Module 9 –      VS – Use Master Pages

Module 10 –    VS – Create your own web app