Computer Science Resources Post-Primary

Computer Science Resources Post-Primary

We at Computing at Schools are very aware that the most difficult element of including any new subject/area into the post-primary curriculum is the researching and gathering of appropriate resources.

With this in mind, we have researched and developed resources that can be aligned with a number of different areas with respect to the introduction of Computer Science (CS).

Where can these resources be used?

  1. New Junior Cycle (JC) Short Coding Course – Roadmap with appropriate resources for the 3 strands.
  2. Transition Year Computer Science elements.
  3. Used ad-hoc for schools which are not implementing the JC Short Coding Course.

These resource cover.

  • Introduction to Coding by the usage of Scratch.
  • CS Unplugged.
  • Pseudo Code and Flowcharts.
  • Appropriate blending learning Tech Clips via Youtube, which covers Coding/Programming, HTML/CSS, The Internet & The Web, Networking, Operating Systems, Linux, Computing & Computers, Python, Hacking, Internet Safety and Useful Websites.
  • HTML/CSS Lesson Plans.
  • Python Lesson Plans.

These resources will give your school the material to implement CS into the classroom. More importantly, giving teachers time to upskill in this new area without also having to try and find appropriate teaching resources.

The cost of these CS resources developed by Computing at Schools is a once of payment of €300. We also run in-house and off-site training for schools and teachers who may wish to gain some practical guidance. Details of workshops can be viewed at

This offer is presently discounted from €400. To avail of this limited resource offer please send an email to Subject “Post-Primary Computing Resources” with your school details and Trevor will forward an invoice. If you wish to discuss an element of this email please feel free to contact Trevor directly on 087-6873933