Computing at Schools

Professional IT Support for Schools has developed its schools managed support service to provide ICT Training, Computing and Coding Development & Implementation, Teacher Training, Hardware and Software support with a difference. We work as your ICT partner, we aim to keep your systems working as efficiently as possible, so you can concentrate on teaching and running the school.
We don’t just aim to save your school money: our aim is to minimise your systems’ downtime. We tailor a solution to fit your needs.

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Computing & Coding Teacher Training Workshops:


Click Here to view available workshops – Primary Sector Options: 

• Computing and Coding syllabus development and implementation.
• CPD In-house teacher training.
• In-house syllabus delivery (teacher training whilst syllabus is being delivered)

Portlaoise College PP Teacher Training

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Post Primary Options:

• Computing and Coding syllabus development and implementation.
• CPD In-house teacher training.
• In-house syllabus delivery (teacher training whilst syllabus is being delivered)
• Bespoke Transitions Year Courses

Computing & Coding Teacher Training: In-house Option by aid schools with Computing and Coding CPD Teacher Training. This training is conducted onsite, upon completion teachers will have a understanding of the individual module to be delivered. supply appropriate syllabus for class lessons. If you would like to make an enquiry about this option please sent to

If you have any questions or queries please contact Mr. Trevor Murphy MSc Teacher Council Registration No:207110 – Head of Training and Development on 087-6873933 or email

Transition Year Courses from

Part of our services are the delivery of courses to secondary level students.These bespoke courses greatly enhance problem solving, interpersonal and self-directional skills helping students succeed in their future careers.  They also aim to increase awareness and encourage interest in the field of Computer Science and Business. These course are mainly targeted at Transition Year students and aim to give the students an overview of the subject area to enhance their awareness and therefore aid their college course selection. We have developed 10 courses which are as follows, as each of these course are bespoke they can be tailored to your schools requirements with respect to length and course depth.

Computing Disciplines

  • Coding with Scratch
  • HTML for Beginners
  • Web Strategies
  • Python for Beginners
  • Introduction to Computer Science – Computing, Programming & ICT Skills

Business Disciplines

  • Strategic Management
  • Business for Beginners
  • Social Media (Business) for Beginners
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation

We have had an excellent uptake rate to date particularly for Transition Year Students.  We offer discounts to schools who uptake 2 of these course. These course can be implemented within any term of the school year.

The skills demand for ICT talent is a global one. By 2015, it is estimated that there will be a shortage of up to 864,000 ICT professionals across the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA).

Ireland is likely to face an average increase in demand for high-level ICT skills of around 5% a year out to 2018 with the employment of ICT professionals anticipated to rise to just over 91,000.

(DES, ICT Skills Action Plan 2014 – 2018)

Duration: This can be tailored to suit any year (most applicable TY Students) module length and material usage is flexible.

WIFI for Schools:

WIFI – Setup, Supply & Security. The client can have a number of different WIFI options.
• Single network – For all users
• Student network – This can be solely for students and have set restrictions
• Guest network – Solely for guests
• Teacher network – Solely for teachers
Each WIFI network can be configured to the requirements set by the school.

Hardware Sales & Support:

Desktops / Laptops / Tablets / Printers / Servers / Routers / Whiteboards / Projectors / Laptop Carts


  • Microsoft Office Professional
  • Microsoft Operating Systems
  • Anti-Virus Software


Supply, installation and configuration of networks.


Supply, installation and configuration of networks. Microsoft and Open Source options.

Service Contracts:

Services contract are available for SME companies, Government Bodies, Primary and Post Primary Schools. Annual once of payment contracts are available for Primary Schools, this option is presently only available for schools in Co. Wexford.

Phone: 087-6873933 or 053-9156757