Digital Cluster Training

Computing & Coding Digital Cluster Training

Best of luck to all presently exploring the forming a digital cluster in your area, collaboration will always benefit all involved. We have received a number of enquiries with respect to supplying training for new formed digital clusters.

The following is the breakdown of the available workshops for both the primary and post-primary sectors. Within the primary sector, each phase is aligned with STEM areas and will give teachers at least 40 hours of resources. Each of the post-primary phases is aligned with the objectives of the new JC Short Coding course and will aid teachers in the delivery of each phase.

Within each workshop participants receive practical training and resources. All software used is free to both students and teachers. Each phase 1 module starts at point zero so teachers need no prior experience in the area of (CS) computer science. Phases are delivered in a progressive manner, each phase will enhance the participant’s knowledge.  Most teachers will have some experience and knowledge of the ICT area (Information Communication Technologies) i.e. Word, Excel, Emailing, etc.

Primary Sector Workshops:

  • Phase 1 – Primary Sector Computing and Coding Teacher Training Programmes.
  • Phase 2 – Full day of Scratch: MIT/Harvard Syllabus.
  • Phase 3 – An introduction to HTML/CSS for Primary Schools.

Full details of each phase can be viewed at

Post-Primary Sector Workshops:

  • Phase 1 – Introduction to Computer Sciences and how to teach CS through
  • Phase 2 – An introduction to HTML/CSS Post-Primary Workshop.
  • Phase 3 – An introduction to Python Programming Post-Primary Workshop.

Full details of each phase can be viewed at

Quotation enquires to Each phase requires at least 5 hours and all we need is a projector and whiteboard.

These workshops will be jointly delivered by &