Lean & TQM

At alignment.ie we aid our clients to understand the development an understanding of the principles of lean and how they can be incorporated to improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the firm.

Lean Areas:

  • Aligning the form for lean;
  • Philosophy of lean;
  • The elements of lean;
  • Lean supply chain relationships;
  • Barriers to lean supply strategies;
  • Implementing lean;
  • Supplier tiering;
  • Target costing.


Quality is a competitive advantage however it is not a process that can be tuned on and off, it is a philosophy that must permeate all aspects of the firm both internally and externally, we at alignment aid our client to understand and implement a TQM mindset.

TQM Areas:

  • Difference between quality systems and quality management;
  • What is TQM?
  • Cost of quality;
  • Why does TQM fail;
  • Quality standards;
  • Supplier selection via TQM;
  • Sourcing strategies;
  • Supplier certification;