Marketing Strategy Development

We at understand and respect value money and resource. One of the greatest challenges facing companies to is understand the appropriate channels to use for the marketing to target the correct audience and gain a maximum return on their investment, we aid our clients by offering a number of service options:

  1. Direct Client Marketing: Full Service, from planning/research/development to implementation.
  2. Mail Shot Service: This is still a very effective way of marketing for the right sector, when the right audience is identified and targeted, this service will be offered to clients.
  3. E-Marketing – Social Media







  1. Web Site Development Package – Includes domain registration, hosting, website develop, logo design, business cards, Facebook and Twitter setup.


If the above social media elements are already setup we can takeover, manage and maintain, if not we can create and implement. Thereafter we meet on a monthly basis with our clients to understand what they would like us to communicate, thereafter we ensure these details are communicated through the social media platforms in a current topical manner whilst ensure it is aligned with our client strategic goals.