Marketing Strategy Development

“If you are not familiar with Michael Porter’s 5 forces model and generic strategies ring us today. Understanding where you sit in your sector and how your sector is positioned with respect to your marco and micro environments is imperative for growth.” Trevor Murphy MSc 

A marketing strategy is your guide to successfully promoting and growing your business. A good marketing startegy will answer key questions Marketing Planabout your business environment:

  1. How will you position your company in the market?
  2. How will you differentiate from your competitors?
  3. How will you reach your customers?
  4. What are your sales goals?
  5. Where will you advertise?

Remember our goal is continuous growth! How old is your marketing plan? Do you understand Porter’s analysis models? Feel free to contact Trevor at or at 087-6873933 to improve your baseline.

What Should I Include in My Marketing Plan?

  1. Situation Analysis:
  2. Target Market:
  3. Marketing Strategy:
  4. Objectives & Tactics:
  5. Sales and Budget:

An Online & Offline Marketing Plan

Our modern world changes at a pace like never before, what was in today can be old news tomorrow. Understanding how to mix traditional marketing methods with existing and new online channels is not important but essential to your existence and growth plans.

Keeping up with Social Media Management alone can be overwhelming let alone understanding SEO optimization, mailing strategy, ensure you are not blacklisted, what is best for me Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. Linkedin, Blogging, Snapchat ahhhhhhh!!! Don’t worry we are here to help!

If the above social media elements are already setup we can takeover, manage and maintain, if not we can create and implement. Thereafter we meet on a monthly basis with our clients to understand what they would like us to communicate, thereafter we ensure these details are communicated through the social media platforms in a current topical manner whilst ensure it is aligned with our client strategic goals.

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