Wellbeing for Workplace & Schools Programmes:


Why Wellbeing?

Happy, healthy, engaged employees and students are more energetic, innovative, creative, balanced and productive in their personal and professional lives. From multi-billion Euro organisations like Google or Facebook to smaller scale businesses and even single-person operations, every organisation has one asset it cannot work without – its greatest asset, its staff. More and more companies are recognising the value of looking after their staff and with increasing scientific evidence it’s easy to see why.

What is Wellbeing?

Wellbeing is so much more than physical health. Spiritual Earth’s Wellbeing at Work programmes focus on developing the five pillars of wellbeing – physical, emotional, creative, mental and spiritual. – enabling your employees to feel healthy, be present and work in a focussed and creative way so they can solve problems easily and are fully engaged in their work. Strengthening each pillar not only helps your employees but also allows your organisation to reach its full potential.

Wellbeing Programmes:

We offer a number of bespoke options:

Welling for Work:

Welling for Schools:

Duration: This can be tailored to suit any year (most applicable TY Students) module length and material usage is flexible.

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